bar stool height

Bar stools are a practical addition to any home decor. Not just for pubs and diners. You’ll find them in any good kitchen and breakfast nook — or any casual dining setting. They work because they add a welcome informality to a space.

There’s good reason for it too. The formal dining room with its fancy cutlery and delicate china is dying a slow death.

Choosing the right bar stool height involves knowing three figures: chair size, counter height and thigh clearance. The combination of these measurements will give you an ideal range for what you need. It has to strike a balance between a comfortable seating position and the proper distance from the surface. We’ve considered each one in detail to make things as easy as possible.
The first figure measures the height from the floor to the top of the chair. There are three standard sizes for bar stools. You’re probably most familiar with the counter stool or Linda Low. It’s what you’re likely to find at the bar counter at the local. It has a range of 60 to 66cm in height. Some even come as high as 73cm.

The bar stool or Goldilocks runs about 76cm. Again, variation exists and some may go up to 91cm. You’re most likely to find this type with high-tops at the pub. Finally, there is the spectator or stadium chair. It’s also known as the Henry High. The tallest of the types ranges from 86 to 91cm.

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